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K-Syran and StoneBridge Team Up for 'Starry Night': A Dancefloor Anthem for Modern Times

Starry Night album cover featuring K-Syran
Swedish Producer StoneBridge Joins Forces with Norwegian Superstar K-Syran to Unveil 'Starry Night,' A Hypnotic Groove Destined for Nightlife Glory.

The musical realms of Sweden and Norway intersect in spectacular fashion with the release of 'Starry Night,' a collaboration between Grammy-nominated Swedish producer StoneBridge and Norwegian singing sensation K-Syran.

Starry Night: Where Sensuality Meets Hypnotic Rhythms

The single, 'Starry Night,' serves as a magnetic blend of sensuality and rhythm, guaranteed to keep the dance floor packed. This collaboration comes with two distinct flavors: the anthemic original and a raw NYC house-tinged StoneBridge Club Re-Rub version.

The Dynamic Duo: StoneBridge and K-Syran

StoneBridge has amassed a versatile portfolio of remixes, collaborating with artists from Jade Starling to Janet Jackson. He also hosts two weekly syndicated radio shows that have captured worldwide attention. On the other hand, K-Syran's artistic journey spans acting and music, with an impressive list of collaborations and accolades to her name.

A Career Unbound: K-Syran’s Journey

K-Syran is not just a singer; she's an artist with no boundaries. Trained at Rada & Guildhall School of Music & Drama, her accomplishments extend to acting and film production. Her self-produced movie ELLIDA, based on Henrik Ibsen's play, will debut this year, alongside her role in the UK thriller, HOUNDED.

Starry Night album cover featuring K-Syran

Awards and Accolades

Both artists come with their share of honors and milestones. K-Syran’s single 'Intimacy' was even nominated as the anthem for International Women’s Day by the United Nations. Meanwhile, StoneBridge is a constant feature in Music Week Club Charts.

The Past and Future

'Starry Night' isn't the first collab between these two; it follows the successes of 'So In Love With You' and 'D.R.A.M.A.' With their unmatched chemistry and artistic prowess, we can only anticipate more ground-breaking hits in the future.

Whether you're a club DJ or a casual listener, 'Starry Night' by K-Syran and StoneBridge is a track that you won't want to miss. With its vibrant beats and captivating vocals, this song sets the gold standard for modern dance anthems.


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