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BBC 1XTRA's Kaylee Golding talks about Female Representation, Key Advice and Confidence

Kaylee Golding talks about Female

Representation, Key Advice and Confidence

Credit - Georgia Pinfold

As part of our IWD Special, I reached out to Kaylee Golding - Presenter and DJ to see what key advice she has for females in the music industry. In her rise to greatness, Kaylee has already interviewed stars, walked red carpets and held her slot on several radio shows. Now ready to embark on her new venture at BBC 1Xtra Kaylee is set to host the first regular weekday broadcast outside of London. Tune in to hear your favourite gyal from Brum, Back in Brum! Every Monday - Friday from 13:00 - 16:00 GMT from April 3rd.

Try not to overthink, and talk yourself out of doing things. Give it a go, if it doesn't work, get feedback and try something different! - KAYLEE GOLDING

Q: It's great to catch up with you! As a fellow Brummie it’s so good to see your growth and success in the music industry so far! So, the first thing I want to ask is, how did you get into presenting? Is there a moment that you recall as being a key moment of realisation?

A: I was always into music, from a young age. I just loved how it makes you feel! But I wasn't too sure where I saw myself in the music industry. At one point I even wanted to be a singer, despite not being able to sing haha! But then when I was a teen I really fell in love with radio. I love how you can directly connect with people through the power of conversation and music. When I was 14 I did my first work experience with radio, and I was like YES this is for me! But I still always wanted to be behind the scenes because I was shy and didn't think I could be a presenter! But over time my confidence grew, as I did more student and community radio and here I am! Living my dream!

Q: Women are drastically underrepresented in music, what changes do you hope to see in the coming years?

A: I would love to see more DJs that are women across the UK. I think that London are smashing it and there are some incredible women that are DJS. But as I go further up north I see less and less. So I would love to see more promoters offering opportunities for these women! I also I would also love to see more women playlist on radio stations. There are so many incredible artists that are women, and we should be making a conscience effort to level out the playing field.

Q: Do you feel as though there have been as many opportunities for you in presenting as there have been for your male peers in the music industry?

A: For me personally yes I feel like I have had just as much opportunity as my male peers. I 100% recognise though this might not be the same for other women that want to get into presenting.

Q: What inspires you to push further? Is there an ongoing inspiration or do you go with the flow of things?

Credit - Georgia Pinfold

A: Every time someone says I have brightened their day or they enjoy watching my content, it pushes me to keep going. I just want to bring good energy to every one of my listeners! I just want to keep pushing and pushing!

Q: You’ve interviewed some seriously great artists – Aitch, Pia Mia, Swarmz, Beverly Slowly, Lady Leshurr, Krept & Konan, Ms Banks to name a few. Do you get nervous? Or are you conditioned to everything now?

A: I used to get very nervous to the point I would shake!! But now I don't get nervous really, they are just humans at the end of the day! I just have to make sure I have researched enough so that I'm confident to conduct the interview!

Q: You’re also a DJ, Capital XTRA, BBC 1XTRA, and Kiss Fresh. Smashed it! What would you say to other female DJs who are looking to do the same? What would your top tip be for them?

A: I would say don't be too shy to reach out to stations and ask to do a guest mix! Sometimes we can be too shy to ask for opportunities but we all know the saying if you don't as you don't get!

Q: Did you see the Rihanna Superbowl performance ft Bump? What did you think?

A: Yesss I saw the performance!! We all love Rhi Rhi! To be able to do that performance whilst pregnant like wow! Insane!!

Q: What would your advice be for other women who want to break into the music industry as a whole?

A: I think the biggest thing is to connect with different people in the industry! I was so lucky to be mentored and supported by different women throughout my career, and they always guided and supported me. So never be scared to reach out and ask to be mentored, or shadow etc. There is never any harm in asking. So use social media to build up your network and always be kind of course!

Also just do it! Try not to overthink, and talk yourself out of doing things. Give it a go, if it doesn't work, get feedback and try something different! A lot of people give up on themselves before they even start!

Q: Is there anything you'd like to say about your journey so far?

A: Big up TJPL for celebrating all the queens!!!


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