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KEJCZ - Set Me Free


Set Me Free

Łódź, Poland

Deep, Dark and funky are the vibes that bounce out of the latest single from Kejcz, ‘Set Me Free (feat. Sequelachi & Basia Kolasa). It's a bright track that uses masses of texture and colour to move the melody along. Rolling bass that punches the beat into overdrive, high percussion glides above it all and the vocals that glisten in the night. ‘Set Me Free’ is EDM to the core, sporting heavy melodies that cut through the vocal harmonies to climb, ever higher, before unleashing a beat to end all beats. When that chorus hits it does so like a crashing wave, washing away your inhibitions and getting you on that dance floor, soaking wet, and ready to live till dawn.

Kejcz is turning up the funk. There is a swing in the bass, a feeling in the percussion. Sounds and instruments that are left by the wayside by other EDM artists are cared for and nurtured here. ‘Set Me Free (feat. Sequelachi & Basia Kolasa) is the sound of progress — the sound of great music.



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