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Lie To Me

London, United Kingdom

London-based artist 'Kite' has a lot to offer through his unique musical style. Taking influence from the likes of Chris Brown, Drake and Playboi Carti and combining those influences with a new sound is something Kite is set to achieve through his music.

Defining his sound, Kite is eager to set himself up in centre stage for the new genre known as Pluggnb. For those of you who are just as new to this genre as I am - Pluggnb is a genre of music that became popular around 2017 after deriving from SoundCloud. As a general rule, Pluggnb holds the arrangement of soft and melodic R&B that is mixed with high-pitched hip-hop drums and hi-hats.

Kite is the first Pluggnb artist that I have come across (to my knowledge). Upon hitting play on 'Lie To Me' I immediately heard the difference between mainstream rap, trap, hip-hop and other derivatives of the rap genre. 'Lie To Me' has that slow and melodic sea of R&B as its main synth composition leaving listeners feeling a sense of calm and relaxation. The 808s and scattered trap drum loops add that sprinkle of energy to balance out the production. The vocal performance is varied within the track offering listeners autotuned vocals that showcase the artists' influences but also brings in that classic London Underground artist swag.

Congratulations to Kite, he has introduced me to a whole new genre and I love it!


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