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Pas De Bourrée

Malmö, Sweden

Credit - Saga Olsén, August Östberg

Koala Bar is a Swedish Indie Rock band that creates music in order to connect with their listeners as their music speaks to the human soul. Koala Bar started as a duo in 2015 and was nominated for music magazine Gaffa’s Best New Artist category with their debut album in 2018, since then Koala Bar have flourished and gained immense amounts of recognition and many fans. Their latest single ‘Pas de Bourrée’ is truly beautiful creating a euphoric aura that is gentle and soothing! The song starts on a gentle delightful tone warmly welcoming us to the waves of instrumental sounds alongside a smooth, soft and incredibly subtle drum beat that elegantly infuses the track with a fulfilling and relaxing vibe as the guitar plays along passionately with a lightly picked riff that gives the track an absolutely mesmerising melodic tone. The vocals are dual layered as well as having an echo effect giving this tune so much depth and not forgetting the humble, handsome harmonies expressing beautifully poetic lyrics.

This a heavenly track that you could listen to as you relax, read a book or even just close your eyes and escape life's stresses with this atmospheric musical art! - KIRA HUGHES


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