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Indigo Sky

Orlando, FL, United States

Credit - Artemis Music

‘Indigo Sky’ by KRISTOPHER is a heart-wrenching powerhouse of a single, a new-age ballad that hits great heights while feeling conversational and indie. ‘Indigo Sky’ is certainly a song that comes from the heart, throughout we can hear the emotional vocals of KRISTOPHER battling against the lyrics to keep hold of the melody. Provoking feelings of Nick Drake’s Pink Moon, we are floated through an evening, whistling through the clouds and trudging through the thick night gloom.

It is a single that feels like more, the skill on offer here is diverse and expansive and I cannot wait to hear what comes next from this heartfelt poet. - FREDDIE MCKEE

The song opens with KRISTOPHER’s hearth-fire vocals, they drop the guitar right into the thick of it. It's acoustic and it's plucking away at a melodic backing that carries the song with focus into a flat build that sets you up and lets you out like a deep sigh. The chorus breathes over you like a morning fog and you can see the ‘Indigo Sky’ if you try. The standout factor of this single for me is the vocals, well supported by the backing instrumental glows in the nightlight. ‘Indigo Sky’ is a stellar offering from a new upcoming artist that you should certainly keep your eyes ears and heart on.


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