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Kurt Gott's 'I Miss The Nightlife' Captures Americana Country's Bittersweet Essence

Kurt Gott’s ‘I Miss The Nightlife’ is a single that takes the bittersweet heart of Americana country and uses it to its full melodic potential. The blending of the instrumental is masterful. Hints of drums peek through layers of guitar and romping bass. The banjo in the back sends sparks of colour through the midnight mist as the vocal walks on through the haze. When the lights shine, and the stage can be seen, it is quaint and honest, and a ripe place for some wondrous music. The verses swoon and swerve through country lanes, they bank with care and line up on a straight. When the chorus jumps in we gun it, the wind in our hair and the music blaring from the stereo. It’s that simple free feeling, and Kurt Gott has captured it.

‘I Miss The Nightlife’ is a pearl of a song. You can feel the mountains of care and thought that have been put into its bones, and when it plays, you can’t help but fall in love with its acoustic harmony. Beautiful and touching; a modern country marvel.



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