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KWUN's "Ancient Ageless & True": A Universal Love Song Emerges from the Andes

Kwun Cover Art

UK artist, songwriter, and producer Kwun is back with his sophomore single "Ancient Ageless & True" after winning 13 nominations for his debut track and music video "Supernatural." Kwun's latest release is a love song that emerged from his spiritual journey with a shaman in the Andes Mountains of Peru.

The song's simple yet powerful lyrics, "I know now your love is ancient, ageless and true / I died a thousand deaths today, just to get closer to you," show Kwun's unique approach to music that blends personal and universal themes with a spiritual message. The Eagles-inspired track was recorded in his former hometown of Glastonbury with a stellar lineup of studio musicians from Nashville who have worked with legendary artists such as Keith Urban, Taylor Swift, and Johnny Cash.

Mixed by UK engineer Sam Wheat, the accompanying live music video features UK musicians who have worked with Led Zeppelin, Annie Lennox, and Peter Gabriel. The song is part of Kwun's upcoming album of the same name, which is set to be released later this year.

Kwun's involvement in the Healing Arts and explorations into Consciousness is reflected in his music, which is often recorded using the 432Hz tuning frequency that aligns with both nature and the human body. He is at the forefront of a movement of conscious artists leading the way into a New Paradigm, weaving a rich tapestry of styles that include Rock, Americana, Funk, and everything in between.

"Ancient Ageless & True" showcases Kwun's unique style of music and message, which is both personal and universal. The song's simplicity and resonance make it a powerful love ballad that is sure to affect listeners profoundly.


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