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L3O's "Don't Give A Fuck" Mixes Jazz and Trap for an Hip-Hop Classic with a twist

Get ready for just under four minutes of experimental, conscious and thought proking lyrics, samples and insane beats. ‘L3O’, Miami based rapper has come in strong with his latest release ‘Don’t Give A Fuck’. In a mix of jazz influences and trap percussion, this piece mixes the old school with the new, a classic and classy sound with the sound of the streets. An experimental panning brings something different to the depth of the instrumental in between vocal transitions. That fade out too. YES.

‘L3O’ has let go here, delved deep into his philosophical thoughts and splattered them into a hypnotic performance. Definitely one to keep an eye out for, I want to hear more fresh releases from this artist in the near future.

Take a place in our Ones2Watch! Well deserved.



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