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LA Band #SLEEPTALK release their latest 11 track project




Los Angeles, United States


*Drown In A Rainbow*



#DrippingColors is a rock/pop track that instantly had me thinking of The1975. The track contains so much energy and metaphorically speaking, it is Dripping (IN) Colors. The whole production here is put together in a way that makes for great listening! Shoegaze, Pop, Emo rock, and Pop Rock are all merged into this perfect opening piece! #UltraNormal has a heavier feel without overbearing the listener. The lyrics are super catchy! But that is not all. The whole vibe of this band aligns with the great pop/rock bands of recent music. Their music is polished and professional. It's undeniable, #Sleeptalk are the next band to blow globally. With over 11k followers on Instagram alone I'm sure that as they continue to get the ball rolling they will cause an avalanche and fast! #It'sAlright(JustComplicated) has a chilled vibe but when listening to the lyrics you can hear a lot of contemplation, reminiscing, and possibly a tone of regret. I love the way that the track has a consistent drum beat, it adds to the sense of hypnosis that the vocals and the dreamy nature of the guitar variations. #Tokyo takes the listener back to where it all started! That classic funky #The1975 feel makes an appearance here making it clear to the listener that the band has some serious skill and rhythm! #FixYou(LikeThatColdplaySong) sounds nothing like the #Coldplay song but the lyrics state "I want to fix you like the Coldplay song". The wordplay here offers the listener something familiar along with a catchy pop-rock genius of a production! I can't fault this band at all! Firmly at the halfway line #AllINeed continues to maintain the high energy of #SleepTalk. This piece reminds me of old-school #Blink182 with a hint of #SonOfDork. One thing that stood out to me in this track is the way that the bassline holds its own mid-track and the guitar compositions come in a variation to give the listeners something new at key moments. #Euphoria has a different vibe all together in terms of guitar. Something dreamy is offered by fast delay effected plucks and solo layers. The piece is a reflective one, allowing listeners to take a minute or 3 to reflect. Moving from #Euphoria and into #Phenomena continues to sell a dream - enhanced by progressive layers, we hear the band weave their sounds together into a comfort blanket. What I love about this production is that it effortlessly owns slow and hypnotic pieces with heavier progressions without the track sounding messy or confusing. The skill that went into this track is definitely something that needs highlighting and appreciating. #Interlude offers just over a minute of electronic distortion. I was really confused as to why the interlude was placed just before the closing track. This is completely different from the classic structure of albums. #FindingMyself closes the album in a way that leaves the listener both energised and calm. For skill, I give this album 10/10 for lyrics they blew me out of the water compared to other pop/rock pieces. 10/10. For variety, I think there's room for a bit more - 5/10. Some of the tracks sound a little too similar in production which makes it difficult for me to remember each track by name alone. I'm certain that this band is going to make waves in the pop/rock scene as they continue to mold their sound! In terms of lyrical content, this is a faultless project that will have you singing along!



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