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Laney Ironheart Foundry Dualtop: The Indie Rocker's Dream Amp

The Laney Ironheart Foundry series of amps and headers has grown in number, revealing a very promising and cost-effective way for indie rockers to get their show on the road for a steal. If you want the best bang for your buck, the Laney Ironheart Foundry Dualtop is where it’s at. This header is packed with a wealth of features that make it a great purchase for all levels of guitar players, but especially those who need one header that can do it all and then some. The header is tiny, easy enough to sling under an arm or set on a desk when not in use or to practice with. So no need to worry about a massive header taking up the coffee table real estate. Following this, small-enough-to-be-a-desk-amp-ethos, the Dualtop has a headphone output on the back (so that you can practice straight from the header with no cab required), as well as a less than 1 amp feature mode, allowing all the beef, crunch and texture of the header, but at a comfortable volume for the neighbours.

Laney Ironheart Foundry Dualtop amp
Classic Feel with Modern Additions

The Dualtop doesn’t stop there. With a plethora of I/O on the back of the unit, you are able to plug in an effects loop, run the amp as a line out or solo cab or both (which is rare at this price point). I am starting to feel like an 80s show car salesman but I mean it when I say “But that’s not all!” The header includes a built-in reverb, allowing you to keep your reverb consistent across its two channels as well as knowing it has been tuned to meet the specific needs of the header.

For £259.00 on Andertons and Gear 4 Music this header is ludicrous. All the power, the meat that you want for rock, plus the bells and whistles of much higher-end headers, play-at-home practice features, and a built-in reverb? It’s tantalising to the point of wonder. These headers have just come out and, for a little while, you will be able to buy them alongside their cabs as a mini combo stack. Even with the cab, the Dualtop only hits, £449.00. If you’re in the market for an amp that will take you from room practice to centre stage then you’ve found it. A blazing hot offer from Laney that doesn’t disappoint no matter how phat you punch it.


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