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Lund, Sweden

Michael Rice’s release ‘Reasons’ delivers a message of how change is an inevitable, yet fundamental part of all our lives, and this is effectively done through the interesting musical components of the song.

The track is an extraordinary showcase of Michael’s rustic powerful vocals which are at the heart of the song. - AIMEE STOKES

Musically, the single incorporates various styles to create a unique backing track, introducing themes of new beginnings and difficult chapters in many people’s lives which involve leaving your comfort zone, and I feel the musicality of the track captures this perfectly. The contrast of pop synth with more tribalistic music through a rather unique incorporation of bagpipes cleverly reflects the entering of different phases of life, as well as adding a sense of diversity to the music. The bagpipe solo I found to be quite an interesting addition, however, coincides nicely with the rural theme portrayed by the lyrics in some parts. What will make this single so successful is the fact it can resonate with all people listening, as I’m sure many of us have experienced feeling selfish for leaving people behind in our life choices.



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