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House With A View

Los Angeles, United States

Asha’s new track ‘House With A View’ draws upon important advice about allowing yourself to be comfortable alone, and not reliant on someone else. Quite a powerful and realistic message as many of us have these idealistic ideas and plans for our future, yet sometimes that can seem so far away whilst in the midst of our problems.

There is quite a clever level of detail in the vocals, the beginning having more of a distorted sound sets the tone quite nicely for the melancholic message of the song. - AIMEE STOKES

Asha’s vocals are quite pleasing and soft, which again coincides with the more subdued tone of the track. The musicality is quite simple with small elements of synth and soothing guitar riffs which act as a nice accompaniment to the vocals. The stripped-back nature of the bridge section really captures the importance of the lyrics ‘I want a house with a view’, with an almost acapella-like style, having just the accompaniment of slight guitar picking, which really emphasises this emotional message. Additionally, it serves as a reminder of how sometimes the most mundane aspects of life can seem so far out of reach.



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