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LATEST RELEASE - AZA BROWN - Sticky Situations


Sticky Situations

Chesterfield, United Kingdom

Chesterfield Singer/ Songwriter Aza Brown returns to us with his latest release "Sticky Situations". For those of you who aren't familiar with the journey of Aza Brown, the first question is where have you been? Over the years he has manifested a large following upwards of 50k to 200k Spotify streams as well as interviews on BBC Radio Sheffield and Derby!

Whilst composing his latest single, Brown's cat "Ness" became almost the centrepiece of its creation with Brown stating that "The track then evolved into a psychedelic trip into the mind of a cat, whilst also observing our feline friends’ seemingly effortless capacity to meditate!"

I love the distorted cinematic introduction to this song! It entices listeners to listen past the first couple of bars. As the main body of the track comes into full force we get to hear marching drum rolls that offer almost a military backdrop to the piece. The vocals have almost a musty feel to them through the way that they have been layered and delayed. "Sticky Situations" has that perfect balance between simplicity and big production making it a song that you will want to return to hear again.


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