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What's The Point

London, United Kingdom

Credit - Albie Maddison and Sandra Sorensen

London-based BURNING JUNIPER presents the aftermath of the storm that was left behind from their debut single ‘She Changes The Weather’. Having garnered plays on BBC radio

London numerous times from Jess Izsatt and Radio X by John Kennedy I was sure excited to learn about their latest release!

‘What’s The Point’ is the name of the song that the band recorded with producer Josh Tyrrell

(Lana Del Rey, Mark Ronson, The Who).

What makes this release so special is the way that the pace guides listeners and the band throughout its duration. - TAMARA JENNA

There's a sense of melodic urgency within its manuscript that the band seem to love especially when playing live, labelling 'What's The Point' as their favourite track to play. The composition combines with indie anthem lyrical content to fill their sound with angst. The lyrics speak of a protagonist that questions the meaning and purpose behind relationships if they are to end in pain and regret. This perspective isn't unique and will offer a lot of you a whole load of emotional ties to the piece. So, make sure that you click the link below to hear BURNING JUNIPER'S perspective on the matter!


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