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Live Without

Nashville, United States

Credit - Kristen Drum

Daniel Herr’s newest single ‘live Without’ is an incredibly raw message of what it’s like to believe you can’t function in a world without someone you love. He explores the darker side of many love stories, missing the way love can make us feel, and that sinking emptiness without it in our lives. His clever use of lyrics is what connects the listener to his story, as I’m sure at some point, many of us have wished there was ‘a pill to block it out’. This single has a similar style to British singer James TW’s track ‘Hopeless Romantic’ which also discusses missing that feeling of being so hopelessly in love. I can see Daniel reaching this level of popularity If he continues to publish more ballad-style songs, as it is definitely his forte.

For me, what makes this song so powerful is the simplicity of the music, as a highly instrumental backing track would take away from the pureness of the song. - AIMEE STOKES

The soft touch of piano accompaniment is all that is needed to support such a polished and distinctive voice, and really magnifies Daniel’s lyrical and vocal talent. I look forward to hearing the next release!



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