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Queen Victoria

Northport, United States

Credit - Bri Martinsen

Evil Sweet is a Pop-Rock band with influences such as; The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, The Man, Mac Miller and John Mayer, quite a mix, right? But with these influences, Evil Sweet has formed their unique sound that is alluring and quite astounding. Their brand new track ‘Queen Victoria’ is written by Curcie and Castro inspired by frontman Scotty O’Brien-Curcie and his alluring infatuation with his summer fling. The lyrics tell a story of chasing your childhood love, making memories on the north shore beaches of Long Island and being heartbroken and rejected in one's teenage years to find your paths meet later on in life and you reconnect. However, the song also portrays Victoria as uninterested and out of reach yet illustrates her as royal and irresistible, a woman seen as out of one's league.

The acoustic guitar strums creating a funky beat as the electric guitar flourishes the wave sound giving us that extra floaty vibe and matching the funk effectively giving us an upbeat Beach Boys vibe while infused with a 60’s nostalgia feel. - KIRA HUGHES

The drumbeat sets the pace with a simple and steady beat you will be toe-tapping along with as this tune is irresistibly catchy!



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