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Call You Mine

Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

Credit - Jodie Canwell
Do you know what is great as a music reviewer? When you find someone that is so very much nearly there it almost feels like a dirty secret to be able to listen and write about them. This is what it feels like with Finn Forster. - JASMINE

Let us start with Finn’s milestones because there are some great ones. In 2022 alone Finn successfully completed his debut headline tour which in and of itself is huge, but Finn went a step further and also went on to support some of the biggest names like Craig David and the Reytons & Feeder. If that wasn’t enough Finn had the most successful single campaign of his journey so far all down to his talent. Finn has a need to write from nothing but truth aiming to be an inspiration to those feeling trapped as a result of their background and his latest release is no different.

‘Call you mine’ is a wonderful upbeat folk-pop fusion with the ability to be enjoyed far and wide. When you need a track that will put into words that feeling of wanting something so badly that it's all you dream about this is it. With a beautiful guitar strum throughout, glorious drum segments, and amazing vocals there is not much more that could be asked for!



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