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Updated: Sep 28, 2022



London, United Kingdom

Credit - Daniela Tudos

London-based Pop artist #Hazel released her latest song #Scream on the 23rd of September this year. Taking influence from the alternative and darker side of pop, #Hazel claims to take her inspiration from renowned artists such as Billie Eilish, Holly Humberstone and Lorde. The inspiration for the track doesn't stop there. #Hazel made the following statement regarding the release - "I want to show that emotions are a good thing, whether you are dealing with anxiety or depression, you are not alone. The song came to life after a couple of difficult months, struggling with my own depression and loneliness."

This is a project that takes listeners on one hell of a journey. The opening guitar composition feels almost jolly in its funk-based timing structure. As the song develops we get to hear the depth behind the artist.

"SCREAM" offers a mix of emotive production elements. From the darkness of the bass to the soulful yet painful lyrics this is a track that has so much to offer to listeners. There's a tribal feel within the prodiction, almost as if the inner warrior and a broken soul are at war with each other. - TAMARA JENNA

#Hazel has a beautiful talent and a unique way of expressing her emotions in a variety of ways through this production. Definitely an artist to look out for! I love this creation!



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