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LATEST RELEASE - Jackson Watson - Feels Like Yesterday

Jackson Watson

Feels Like Yesterday

Montgomery, Alabama, United States

Credit - Jackson Watson

Fresh out of Montgomery, Alabama #JacksonWatson fills listeners' ears with nostalgia and peace throughout his latest release #FeelsLikeYesterday. This acoustic pop song portrays the theme of a relationship not matching future visions. The inspiration both musical (and lyrical stems from Prince’s “Take Me With U,” Michael Jackson’s “Another Part of Me,” Tame Impala’s “Tomorrow’s Dust,” and “She’s Gonna Leave You” by The Walters making #FeelsLikeYesterday a track that listeners are intrigued to find out more about.

When listening to the track the first time around I was pulled in by its unique energy. From the soulful yet experimental vocals to the acoustic feel of the instruments, this is a piece that will have hitting replay several times. There's a lot going on in the piece that makes it so experimental from off beats to haunting vocals this really is a piece that you can't compare. This piece is a nightmare and an uplifting one tangled with emotion and expression.



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