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Updated: Oct 20, 2022


I Go Get It

Dallas, Tx, United States

Dallas-based Rapper Kenn Farr is an extraordinary master of dark rap flows. His latest single "I Go Get It" is quite a production. The production is the fifth single off Kenn Farr's upcoming, 2nd album titled 4013. Riding on a haunting bell synth and classic Hip-Hop drum loops, Farr goes in with his deep and husky rap flow. His lyrics? Gloomy, angry? Full of passion for sure. The song even goes as far as to mention Halloween and trick or treat, do you feel the vibe? The self-proclaimed Gospel Hip Hop & Rap Contemporary Artist has a lot of success under his belt to date including already being seen and heard by over 5,000,000 people in commercials such as Bank of America, Body Tone, Middleman Hardware, Necessary Roughness, N.C.N.B, J.F.K., Dept of Public Safety, Sprint, Anderson Production, Spirit of Texas, I.B.M., Break Cakes, M.C.I., Radio Shack, Crime Stoppers, H.H. Technologies & Frequent Flyer - Movie of the Week).

This serious talent artist not only produces his own tracks but he also swiftly moves between the realms of Classical music to love ballads to contemporary gospel-oriented music and beyond. The singer, and songwriter plays keyboard, guitar and drum too, this really is an artist who can do it all! - TAMARA JENNA


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