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Lauren Rintoul's 'lost art': A Bold Fusion of Lo-Fi Sounds and Heartbreaker Pop

Lauren Rintoul has a few more aces up her sleeve yet I bet. But for now her latest single, ‘lost art,’ is a bright burning example of why contemporary pop is so moving and currently houses some of the biggest names in music. This track has it all, and it crams it into an easy-to-digest package wrapped in lo-fi sounds and tied up with a subtle sub-bass bow. The percussion rides through your heart, timing the beat to your inner tappings. Soon the melody comes from within you, flowing from your mind, an epiphany of sound. This, I feel, is the ‘lost art’ that Lauren Rintoul is talking about. It stems from a place of love yes, a place surrounded by others. But the art is in the soul. In the creative mind. That’s what makes magic, magic.

Pop comes in all sorts of flavours; Lauren Rintouls’ is bold and forgiving. It rises with huge waves of synth and gargantuan harmonic walls. It is imposing, galactic. But when it finally hits, you pass through it like a cloud. The tonal expression and outward vocals have allowed ‘lost art’ to house so much personality within its four-minute boundaries. It’s honest, solid, heartbreaker pop — and it’s some of the best you’ll ever hear. Stunning.



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