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'Lavender Dusk' – MORRISON REED's Ingenious Blend of Electronica and Psychedelia

MORRISON REED creates colours and textures with profound ease in his single, ‘Lavender Dusk,’ a collection of moving shapes like petals on still water, carried by the current of a thriving soul. The single sits in the electronica section of the indie world but it brings in some wider influences. It’s chill, calling out to lo-fi and taking what it wants, leaving behind the chords in favour of melody. The psychedelia is in full frontal assault, as much as psychedelia can be, and works to sew the track together. Warm bass, fluffy and bouncing, catches the percussion in its swing and hangs on. Below, the synths sway, leaving trails of glitter and perfume which the vocal works into a wreath of beauty. This song fills up your soul, it makes you smile. It’s a winner all around.

‘Lavender Dusk’ is a delicate song and that is rare for electronic music. The synths have been used here to such a degree that they aid one another; every tone is leaning on another. The harmonies are splendid because of this, they climb to great highs and are connected to the ground by increasing degrees of tone and depth. MORRISON REED has constructed for us a musical house of cards. It’s a stunning display of control, ingenuity, and feeling. Mind-bending.



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