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The Only One

Wooster, Ohio, United States

Credit - Cheryl Debono, Michaelangelo's Photography

Sometimes we go through times of pure regret and the emotions that arise from this are often difficult to put into words, but now there is no need, Lee Miller Matsos has done just that for us.

‘The Only One’ seems to cover a topic that many people avoid, in that sometimes it can feel lonely and painful but there is always a way out. - JASMINE

It is almost as if we are taken on a journey through the five stages of grief—denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance— resulting in listeners knowing that they are suddenly no longer alone in their emotions!

The Ohio, USA-based artist utilises beautifully clean guitar playing as one of the predominant elements of the backing track. This is joined by a simple, double bass drum beat and some super prominent emotion-building keys, which complement the energy of the vocals perfectly. These vocals hold a lot of power — they are almost theatrical and something that I can imagine hearing in a stage show production. The ability to hold those low drawn-out notes whilst maintaining their beauty is an amazing skill, and he has been able to play out the message of the song so well, keeping entirely connected to the point as a result of his eloquent nature. This is an amazing track and one everyone needs to listen to!


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