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Dagenham, United Kingdom

A luring bassline opens the song with intrigue and anticipation before the introduction of trap loop percussion and stunning R&B vocals. Gorgeous vocal layers come in to add a swirly mix of soulfulness and pop. The understated 808 makes a massive difference as is lingers in the background causing a stir. This is a song that I will return to time and time again for all of the above reasons. When combined together there’s no stopping how far ‘Esoteric’ can travel – and Leonie too for that matter! When talking about the song Leonie stated “Esoteric is an elevation of my signature sound and a reflection of my growth as an artist. It was written, produced and recorded at home.” I highly recommend listening to this artists’ catalogue. I’m a fan. Creating everything yourself is a challenging task for many reasons, one that Leonie has taken and flung out into the universe for all to hear. Smashing! You can hear the growth of this artist as you travel her universe of a catalogue. Definitely One2Watch and more!


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