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LIAM WAKEFIELD - You Made Me Something More


You Made Me Something More

Brighton, United Kingdom

‘You Made Me Something More’ from Liam Wakefield is a passionate single about connection. But a connection that goes deeper than knowing, than understanding. It is one of true love, the kind that makes you better by simple proximity. It's a track that hums through acoustic guitars that layer a shine in the twilight. Synths in the back raise the stakes as the percussion, soft and rhythmic, supports the vocal and its outstanding melody. Catchy, vibrant and full of wonderful textures, there’s nothing not to love about Liam Wakefield’s ‘You Made Me Something More.’ On top of all that, the vocal is sublime. It carries the tune like a lark and rises to the occasion of the powerful chorus. It's crisp, clean and confident and it suits the mood like a bowtie in a bond film.

‘You Made Me Something More’ is a single that deserves to stand alone. It contains so many facets of sound that you could become lost in its twists and turns for aeons.


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