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Livid. Unleashes 'Downtown' – A Feudal Rock Anthem with a Modern Twist!

Cover art for Livid.'s single 'Downtown'
Cover art for Livid.'s single 'Downtown'
Echoing the Greats Like Mötley Crüe, Livid.'s Latest Single 'Downtown' Blends Classic Rock Vibes with Contemporary Flair – A Must-Listen for Rock Aficionados!

Livid. are bringing back that feudal rock. Rock that bows to no one, rock that costs nothing but a good time. Their rock hangs on the edge because that’s where they like it, it scowls at the moon, howls at the sun — give us a few more hours on the Sunset Strip. Their latest single, ‘Downtown,’ is evocative of big names and their even bigger sounds, think Mötley Crüe but with some modern punch and drive. The single bites from the open, the guitar tone is classic and it glows pink in the night overhead. The bass rumbles the back seats and the drums get you standing. All that’s left is the vocal, and it doesn’t disappoint.

It comes in, gritty and sharp, biting off lyrics like it can’t find them fast enough, spitting them out with deft control and hitting notes that harmonise with the instrumental around them. This isn’t a deep song, it doesn’t need to be, it doesn’t want to be. This song is about rock and how it moves you, physically. The rhythm is strong and it bleeds into every aspect of the track. The bass clacks its strings to the kick and the vocal bows its head, covers its eyes with its thick scrag of hair, and lets the song roll its shoulders. Livid. bow to the rock gods and they know it. They also know a little secret: that’s how you make the best rock anyhow.

‘Downtown’ leaves nothing to chance and leaves no stone unturned as the band rushes down the strip kicking their leather boots and singing at the top of their voices. The solo is to die-and-then-be-reanimated for. The chorus pulls and pulls and the verses have that style and sass that is so essential to a rock group with this sound. Livid. know their stuff, and they love their music, you can tell. ‘Downtown’ is an unmissable single, calling out to the old ways of rock and saying: “Hey, where you guys going?!”

Genres: Classic Rock, Modern Rock, Hard Rock. Moods: Energetic, Nostalgic, Bold, Vibrant.

Moods: Energetic, Nostalgic, Bold, Vibrant, Rebellious, Dynamic

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