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LNG - Love & Affection Ft SaxONLY - LATEST RELEASE


Love & Affection

Melbourne, Australia

If there’s one thing that I really vibe with, it’s cross-genre music – ESPECIALLY Rap/Pop/R&B. Australia’s very own triple threat ‘LNG’ takes the spotlight tonight! The Singer, Songwriter, and Engineer’ has teamed up with the one and only SaxONLY for his first-ever official feature track ‘Love & Affection’.

Now, let’s take a step back and take a 360 look at this song. There are multiple reasons why you should listen to this track, but I will lay out the very top highlights. The lyricism, vocals, and the production and mixing techniques cannot be described as anything other than top-tier, global chart ready and completely flawless.

When surfing through masses of submissions THIS is EXACTLY what I look for. – TAMARA JENNA

A melodic hip-hop guitar loop rides throughout the production offering listeners a pluck of R&B warmth whilst the two artists bring something completely different to the table without either of them sounding out of place. The R&B/Pop vocals match the emotion of the guitar arrangement whilst adding something special in collaboration with the trap percussion loops.

The rap vocal – VERY Juice Wrld. Autotuned, meaningful, and a carefully crafted rap flow. Together, with the overall lyrical content, listeners are able to truly grasp the narrative of the song from start to finish. This is a mega-release! I want more!!!

There's no other place to house this one other than in our ones2watch! Don't sleep on this one!

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