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Lord Sonny The Unifier - Don't Be An Asshole - LATEST RELEASE

Lord Sonny The Unifier

Don't Be An Asshole

Brooklyn, United States

Lord Sonny The Unifier, what power and wild promise lies trapped within that name. It is one we have seen before, and it is no doubt one we will see again, for their latest single, ‘Don’t Be an Asshole’ is a righteous flurry of rock and techno wave sound, fighting side by side in the harsh sunlight. It has that punch, that grit that Lord Sonny The Unifier brings to each one of their tracks. It's hearty and warm, but it can go off the rails in the best of ways. The passion and the control of that passion is what makes ‘Don’t Be an Asshole’ such a great track. It knows when to let loose, when to cut the chain. It knows that sometimes, you’ve just got to be wild.

But don’t sit there thinking that this song just blares its horns all of the way through, oh no. It dips, dives. It slides ‘round narrow corners and picks up the pace when you least expect it. The bridge dives into a calming pool of oil, the iridescent shimmer of the light reflected in those red-glass-aviators - and you’re just waiting for it to explode in a swoosh of sound. It's not a disappointment when it does, it lifts the song to a finish that will leave you wanting ever more Lord Sonny The Unifier.


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