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Love Ghost and Blnko Ignite Rock Scene with High-Energy Single 'Veneno'

Love Ghost have given us a globe-trotting new single with the help of Blnko in the form of, ‘Veneno.’ It’s a single that pushes its emotion to the top of the rock staircase and then throws it back down again. The vibe is heavy, it pulses with energy from the very beginning. There is an oomph that starts in the bass and slowly rides up into the percussion. Once the vocals get involved you are thrown back to that classic 00s sound that we all love so much. Only Love Ghost have given it more bite, more whammy, and some delectable screams.

‘Veneno’ mashes indie with not-so-indie. There comes a moment when the song shifts and what you thought you knew about the single is flipped on its head. The chorus hits you harder than you were ready for, the breath is knocked clean out of your lungs. When the scream layer hits you in the background you are thrown even further from safety. The single plunges into darkness so fast you can’t react — you accept your fate and become one with the immense drop. Love Ghost and Blnko have created a track that not only conquers genre, but language too. It’s a surprising and uplifting single and one that I can happily recommend. Fast, hard, and as heavy as you need it. What’s not to love?



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