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LUDLOW CREEK - Sweet Celebration


Sweet Celebration

Dayton, OH, United States

Having a rough day? Or maybe you have to do something that’s a real chore? Well, as with all things, music can make a real difference and if you want to put a positive spin on any situation, look no further than Ludlow Creek’s ‘Sweet Celebration.’ It's an upbeat big band song that is so full of soul they simply had to start giving some away. Lucky for you all you have to do to sign up is listen to the cracking beats, splendid harmonies and catchy melodies that live within ‘Sweet Celebration.’ The song comes on smooth and gets even smoother as it goes. The vocals surprise and delight as you trek ever further into the glade, searching for the mythical Ludlow Creek.

‘Sweet Celebration’ really does brighten up the room. It's the tones, the textures, the harmonies. They all sing together like a chorus of angels, casting good tidings on all who can hear them. Moving.



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