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LUKE FREES - Moonshine Queen


Moonshine Queen

Chicago, IL, United States

Credit - Andrew Woodward, Sadie Carpenter

Luke Frees latest single ‘Moonshine Queen’ employs a manic and creative use of percussion that sets it apart from the crowd. It's a captivating texture which pushes the single into a genre that I can only describe as industrial rock. Its beats and clashes that clatter against the melody bring forth layer after layer of sub-rhythm which make the track even more enthralling. The instrumentals rise up like something out of a Hans Zimmer score and the vocals, impressively, manage to stay on top. The result is a sound that I’ve never come across before, a mix of synth, rock and experimental tones that fashion a single that remains catchy and singable.

Think The Horrors plus Depeche Mode with the weirdness of Gotye. If that doesn’t sound like a good time to you then you’re crazy. ‘Moonshine Queen’ by Luke Frees caught me so off guard I put my clothes on backwards. I’m still deciphering it 5 listens later. Powerful.



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