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Tampa, Florida, United States

Incorporating indie and pop styles, Lyse’s new release entitled ‘Sanitarium’ flows through feelings of uncertainty and hope to create a powerful story of self-discovery.

Lyse’s mission to comfort, carry people through tough times and provide a sense of relatability, is seen clearly in her lyrics. And the way she executes this is a testament to her artistic ability to convey powerful imagery and emotions.

Her vocals, which have a soft and angelic tone give the song a sense of a journey. As though we’re taking a tour of the artist’s mind and struggles. Lyse has a great ability for conveying powerful imagery with her lyrics, incorporating effective metaphors about helplessness and an urge for freedom. I think many of us can relate to feeling ‘locked in a cage’ at least once in our lives.

‘Sanitarium’ is the latest addition to my playlist. Make sure to check it out!



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