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Tampa, Florida, United States

What a song 'sweatshirt' is! melodic dream pop verges on R&B in this gorgeous production. The melodic electric guitar plucks act as a wave along the seabed of quiet percussion as layered pop/R&B style vocals drift listeners even further away from shore.

I think every female (openly or deep down) longs for the day that someone offers their sweatshirt, jumper, hoodie, coat or jacket to them when they're cold. It's one of those small acts of compassion that shows the nature of a person and their interest in you. 'sweatshirt' is a song that is reflective of those times.

Not only is 'sweatshirt' a song that deserves a million streams per person but the whole talent is rooted within the artist herself. Lyse (pronounced Lease) wrote, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered, and released the song all on her own. What an incredible talent the Tampa based is! It comes as no shock to me that this song has been a popular occurrence on Instagram reels.

For a song that is destined to take you into a calm alternative wonderland, look no further than the luscious, lustful 'Sweatshirt' by 'Lyse. It'll be the song that you didn't know you needed. - TAMARA JENNA


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