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Magdalia's 'Tunnel Vision': A Darkly Enchanting Synth-Driven Experience

When synth tones move from pop into dark-beat music, I love it. There is something magical that occurs when it is done right, with mindfulness and respect. An indescribable feeling of taboo. ‘Tunnel Vision’ from Magdalia, gives me that exact feeling. There is a presence here. The melody catches you, holds you tight while the vocals and their splendid harmonies work their magic and rapture the world. The beat is thick, dense, it carves a way down to the earth's core so that the rumbling bass can find a way through. It changes to synth somewhere along the way and you are swamped in a future chrome rendition of the best song you will never hear.

Suffice to say, I love this song. It’s dark, it’s tonal and it packs one heck of a melody. The punch is fantastic and those vocals hit every note they need to with masterful precision. Magdalia’s ‘Tunnel Vision’ is a song for the future, and one I will hold onto for quite some time.



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