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Magnus & John Debut 'Sublime': A Fusion of Rock, Pop, and Electronic Vibes from Luxembourg

Cover art for 'Sublime'
Cover art for 'Sublime'

Sublime': A Musical Odyssey by Magnus & John – Where Rock Meets Pop in Luxembourg's Latest Hit

The dynamic duo of Magnus & John, comprising Stephan Scharping (Magnus Peterson) and Alexandre Lisiecki (John Portier), is set to set the music world alight with their latest single, "Sublime." Blending elements of rock, pop, and electronic music into their soundscape, this piece is truly something for both old school and the classic ear. If you're into EDM that stretches across genres, then look no further. Synth bass-heavy, "Sublime" is exactly what it claims to be. The synth bass bubbles in a funky 80s-inspired way, the scatters of synth melodies, and the rock pop-inspired vocals aren't to miss. Catchy? Certainly. It's no surprise given that Magnus & John bring a wealth of experience to their music. Stephan, with a history of performing in various Luxembourgish rock and pop groups, has self-produced albums and EPs, contributing his talents on the guitar, keyboard, and vocals. With his roots in Dijon and significant presence in Luxembourg's music scene, Alexandre adds depth with his programming skills, vocals, and arrangements. Together, they create a sound that undeniably stands out.

With John Portier's lead vocals and Magnus Peterson's background chorus, the track has been mixed and mastered by Ohad Nissim, who ensures a polished sound. The lyrics, music, and arrangement by Magnus and John reflect their collaborative spirit and shared vision. Has the vision paid off? It has and by the bucket full.

From Stephan's early days in Luxembourg, France, and Belgium to Alexandre's musical explorations in Dijon and Paris, both artists have navigated diverse musical landscapes. Their journey culminates in "Sublime," a single that showcases their evolution as musicians and storytellers.

"Sublime" celebrates Magnus & John's musical synergy, a blend of their influences from rock, pop, and techno. The duo's ability to create such arrangements with catchy melodies and thoughtful lyrics is on full display here, offering listeners a glimpse into their creative process and musical ethos.

This song is like the gold at the end of the rainbow - Don't skip it!

Genre: Rock, Pop, Electronic

Mood: Uplifting, Nostalgic, Engaging, Polished, Synergistic

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