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Coco Dancing

Bordeaux, France

Credit - "Opo"

No, you are not seeing double! Coco Dancing is the second release that we will be going through of Major Kami's today! So, what is Coco Dancing about?! If there's one main reason why I love Major Kami's productions it's the in-depth creative backdrop that they form behind each piece!

Through this release, Major Kami takes their audience through the story of a woman of the shadows. Coco Schwab is the name, devotion is her game. She is devoted to supporting an artist with whom she had great complicity through all of his most extreme trials. She saved him to see if he could fly to the highest summits. Intrigued? Me too!

Now for the music! This track waits for no man and neither does its timing. There's an immediate energetic 80s-inspired synth-pop sound to this production. As the vocals join the production we are again given the distinct vocal of Major Kami! The inclusion of obscure strings adds an element of suspense to the piece in a curious way.

This is my favourite piece to come from the artist yet! I wonder what's in store for the rest of the year for Major Kami? - TAMARA JENNA


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