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Too Much

Manchester, United Kingdom

Credit - Tom C

Getting some synth wave into you every day is a surefire way to put some pep in your step. And now, as if to help you with this task, Malibu Hot Flush have released a standout techno single with, ‘Too Much (Radio Edit).’ It's deep, dark. The synth glows white hot in the night as the beat rises up below it. The vocals come and go like ghostly whispers. They find their mark and explode with colour and presence. The sound that Malibu Hot Flush are creating is techno fused with that classic synth sound, but also brings in industrial influences. The result is a vibe that can only be found here, it's rich, effervescent, and physical. If you’re anything like me you’ll be addicted in minutes and then there’s no going back to anything less than ‘Too Much.’

Malibu Hot Flush are pushing boundaries in the synth space in a major way: by doing the opposite of everyone else. They are opting to play with texture and melody over complexity. I, for one, prefer it. The songs come out solid, concentrated and full of musical madness. Exemplary.


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