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MARCUS SUKIENNIK - Deutsche Nationalhymne (2022) - COVER SINGLE


Deutsche Nationalhymne (2022)

Cologne, Germany

Credit - Heike Rost

Marcus Sukiennik is a pianist and composer who resides in Cologne, Germany. Having trained in classical and jazz music Sukiennik now works as a hotel and bar pianist in a luxury hotel, whilst continuing to enjoy arranging classical music for a modern lounge sound.

The release of Sukiennik's interpretation of 'Deutsche Nationalhymne' is short but intriguing. The inspiration behind this piece grew out of the artist's experiences with both football and the pride that he has in being a native of Germany. What could be a more fitting time to write about this release than during the 2022 World Cup?

So, now we move into the analysis - This is a composition of many parts which flawlessly intertwine. There's a haunting feel to the opening composition - played in a minor key before making a flawless sweep into high octave minor. Moving from a classical structure and into the jazz influence that embodies this artist is key to this piece.

Showcasing the mix of technicality in this artist's skillset, Sukiennik has impressed me with his mix of genres, pitches and tones throughout this piece from the haunted to the fun through to the fairytale and crescendo ending - It's a 10/10 from me. - TAMARA JENNA


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