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Margaret Hooligans' "Witch On The Corner" Breathes New Life into Classic Blues with a Modern Twist

When you pump classic blues through modern ideas you can end up with something brilliant, fuelled by a powerful 70s resonance. The Margaret Hooligans showcase this phenomenon with their single, ‘Witch On The Corner.’ There’s a Stones-like power in the instrumental. The guitar squeals and crackles like it's on the edge as the melody barks from its strings. The vocal slides into the melody easy as pie, taking shots at the chorus before it comes along to smash us in the face with tone. The guitars pick up, the drums flay and spray and the bass rides shotgun the whole way, cool as a cucumber. Sometimes rock can be simple — but sometimes you want rock that gives you all it’s got.

‘Witch On The Corner’ delivers from start to finish. It’s an organic song. Throw away all that electronic meddling. Here, the instruments shine, the vocals take centre stage and the fundamental core of the blues is shining light through the entire track like god rays through stained glass. A wonderful song full of blues and country twang.



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