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Mark Shepard's 'Don't Stop Walking': A Triumph of Acoustic Power and Personal Progress

‘Don’t Stop Walking’ is the latest single from acoustic mastermind, Mark Shepard. The single features Mark Shepards’ signature voice, pelting harmonies with more power than ever. The chorus flows with the heart of a warrior and the lyrics are so memorable they will be stuck in your head for days. What draws me back to Mark Shepards’ music is the quality of the guitar and how that texture blends with the cadence of the vocal. That phenomenon is present in ‘Don’t Stop Walking’ to an unprecedented degree. The whole track hums with the wooden power of an acoustic guitar and its best friend the slide. What magic pours from such a pairing is always fascinating to listen to, but no one captures that magic better than Mark Shepard.

The chorus flies at you at a tremendous pace. Piano picks up in the back and the vocals pour in emotion by the bucket load. When the sound passes and the bridge flows into view the whole sound spins around your head. What is left is the core of the song, pure and beautiful in its simplicity. ‘Don’t Stop Walking’ is a single about progress and what that takes. But more than that — it is about the progress one makes within themselves and how special that progress is. No matter how small, no matter how simple. The most important thing is that you ‘Don’t Stop Walking.’



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