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Mark Winters' latest single, ‘My Christmas’, is a celebration of the season and a friendly invitation to welcome in the festivities with an open heart and open arms. It's a country-pop-bop. It rises and falls with strings, strummed guitar and slapped snares and it warms you up with some brilliant vocal lines that sing true for all of us. The instrumental is full of little moments - a piano trill here, a guitar line there - that add so much to the overall tone of the song. The vocals do a great job of keeping the melody alive while telling a story and painting a picture of what Christmas can mean to any of us.

A guitar riff starts us off, stabs of strings and jingle bells punctuate the melody with festive cheer as the song pulls on its winter boots and gets to walkin’. The country tone slot into place, warm like a fireplace hearth, and the rolling country vibe carries us through the phrases of this new-found Christmas favourite.

There are not many country Christmas staples, but Mark Winters’ ‘My Christmas’ sure is one of them. - FREDDIE MCKEE

Add it to any Christmas playlist and you’re in for a swell time. A great song in its own right, made even better when played at the right time of year around some good company.

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