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Frequency/Only One

Los Angeles, United States

Credit - Brandon Rivas

Los Angeles-based MARLEE XX is described as a "multi-hyphenate music artist (vocalist - songwriter - DJ - producer) and one woman band. Her genre fluidity attracts a versatile crowd as she aims to redefine the perspective on women in music. Her latest double release Frequency/Only One was released on Friday 11th November. Frequency is a song that boasts a dark, bold and moody beat that is completely contrasted with its lyrical content. Lifting the vibration of its listeners is what the words do best in this piece as it urges listeners to reach within to their higher selves. The opening vocal sample brings listeners straight into the realm of MARLEE XX's mind - “..I said God told me I have one job and that's to raise the entire frequency of the universe.” As MARLEE XX brings her vocals into the mix listeners will become stunned by her excellence. Fierce and bold rap energy all around! The song acts as an affirmation for women, so go get it!

“Only One,” delves into R&B/Afrobeats through its gorgeous guitar loops, percussion and vocal performance. This song is just as stunning as the first but on a whole different plane. With a succulent bassline, delicately infused synths and the lyrical revelation of the need to have just one true love, this multigenre infusion bounces along a fine line of urban and progressive pop music.

'Frequency' is a full-blown woman empowerment movement within its own right offering a strong message of fight throughout whereas 'Only One' delves into a more traditional pop anthem status.

Both tracks ooze with excellence and uniqueness therefore I had to include MARLEE XX in our Ones2Watch this week! - TAMARA JENNA


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