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Marlene Larsen's 'Galore': An Epic Blend of Genres in a Bold, Captivating Track

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

‘Galore’ is the latest single from indie rocker Marlene Larsen. Her unique blend of rock allows for some incredibly striking songs. It’s a subtle mix of shoegaze, modern rock and a little bit of punk. Altogether the sound has an incredible range. It starts low and slow and hides its intentions under colours of black and blue. But as the song progresses the world shifts to red and the final form begins to appear. There is a massive bass in the back that storms the chorus with an almighty roar. Guitars line up on both sides, adding pace and power to the attack. But the vocal rises to the challenge and grows to a legendary size. The battle is formidable, and you can hear every last clash of brilliance as the harmonies play on.

‘Galore’ is epic, yes. But it’s also simple. It takes its core construction and uses that to meld new ideas and deliver increasingly complex sounds. I am a massive fan. Marlene Larsen has guided her sound down a dark and infatuating rabbit hole which no one will ever see the bottom of. It’s bold, it’s savage and it forms the basis of an uprising emotion in this new indie generation. ‘Galore’ captures today and its accompanying angst with fishnet gloves and rampaging choruses. It is a splendid show of force and a fantastic musical display of unified talent. Splendid.



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