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MARTYN SCOTT - Lazy Days And Lullabies


Lazy Days And Lullabies

Rotherham, United Kingdom

‘Lazy Days and Lullabies’ is a feel-good single that throws melody to the front of the crowd and begs the world watch, as it spins and glows in the sun's bloom. The mastery of tone and colour that befits such a song could only come from Martyn Scott, who has poured heart and soul into this track. You can feel it in every beat, placed with feeling, the bass that rises and falls, twanging guitar and strummed acoustics, all arranged to form a musical bouquet of brilliance. It's pop, it’s folk, it’s soul and it screams the 70s. You could have fooled me 10 times over by saying George Harrison wrote this number. After the 10, I would have been a solid believer.

Every once in a while a song strolls along. And that’s what good songs do. They don’t run, or walk, they stroll. They know the pace, the style, and they care not for the destination. If you match the stride of a song like ‘Lazy Days and Lullabies’ you will soon find yourself strolling too.



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