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Paris, France

Mary KilS latest EP One contains a myriad of beautiful songs and textures. Among them, ‘L’or noir’. A single worth shouting about.

Mary KilS blend of rock, pop and soft conversational vocals does this song wonders. The layering of the instrumental and tight push pulls of the drums synergise with the vocals to an exact, pop-rock ultimatum. - FREDDIE MCKEE

If you’re looking to spice up your life with something new and exciting to add to your ever-expanding library, then ‘L’or noir’ should be top on your list. (And while you’re there, might as well add all of the ‘One’ EP to your collection too, it's worth it!)

The song opens up with a bass and pad that swim about in a musical ether and you can't tell which way the song is going to go. Could it be an experimental synth tune, perhaps an operatic number? Then the drums and guitar slam into the scene and pull us down a rocky path of funky brilliance. The vocals set the tone wonderfully, keeping things conversational and casual without sacrificing melody and tone. You can absorb so much emotion from this song, it never runs dry and it packs a chorus that will get you moving those shoulders like nobody’s watching. ‘L’or noir’ is a standout single from Mary KilS, an artist that deserves far more of your attention and praise.


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