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Mary Knoblock's 'Heaven's Bride (Live)': A Review

Mary Knoblock's Emotional Live Performance Captivates the Heart
Cover art for Mary Knoblock's 'Heaven’s Bride (Live)
Cover art for Mary Knoblock's 'Heaven’s Bride (Live)

Mary Knoblock’s latest single comes to us in the form of ‘Heaven’s Bride (Live).’ It’s a solemn song that calls out to a jaded spirit. It’s a song that is yearning for connection. To the heavens, to themselves, to us? Who’s to say, but the feeling is there, this broken fibre of being that has been left hanging in the sky, a sheered cloud of emotion.

Mary Knoblock’s vocals are tremendous, the centrepiece of the single. They bask in the glow of the piano with humble humanity. They look up into bright lights and sing, they sing as they wish to, as their heart commands them to. The flow of the world around us stops, we are frozen in a space of heartbreak as the chords move us ever onward. The calmness of the single adds a lot to the feeling of ‘Heaven’s Bride.’ If the song was loud with percussion, rising up as the song moves to its zenith; if the song was seasoned with tides of fluffy melody adding nothing but weight — it simply wouldn’t be as affecting.

Promo art for Mary Knoblock's 'Heaven’s Bride (Live)
Promo art for Mary Knoblock's 'Heaven’s Bride (Live)

What hit me last was the fact that this single is a live performance. The soul of the song, sometimes lost sometimes gained when performed live, is here and burning as bright as it ever could. The song is alive, it sings with a grace and a fire of passion. The slow realisation that Mary Knoblock is pouring out all of this emotion in one go is a game changer. Suddenly the song becomes even more human, the connection the subject so longed for at the start of the song is formed with you, the listener. Now, it’s as if the vocals are across the way, singing to the sky as you look on, singing to the street as you pass. ‘Heaven’s Bride (Live)’ is a single of unfiltered emotion, framed by a beautiful piano instrumental. With simplicity its strength, the song rests in your heart, to be cherished.

Genre: Acoustic, Live Performance

Moods: Emotional, Introspective, Heartfelt

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