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mase J's Latest Single 'head//heart' Showcases Smooth R&B Grooves and Heartfelt Lyrics

Credit - Iyisha Rose Williams

A subtle groove spills from mase J’s latest single, ‘head//heart.’ An R&B track that flows with the rhythm of the rap. It blooms in the start, a vocal melody that works as the foundation for the song. The beat slides in to flank it, hold it steady, as the bass comes from underneath. The stage is set, it’s calm, homely and honest. Now the real song can begin.

The lyrics hold a tenderness within them. They speak from the heart, not the mind. They don’t waste time trying to be cool, or swish, they have so much to say in so little time. They follow the rhythms and melodies of the instrumental with deft ease, taking care to flow with the strokes. The resulting track is smooth going down and hearty coming up. ‘head//heart’ plays with the core aspects of R&B and takes them up a level. The single is a showcase of mase J’s musical talent and understanding. Inspiring.



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