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MATYA's "Get Your Attention" Makes Our Ones2Watch: An Alt-Punk Anthem for the Disconnected

The cover art for MATYA's single 'Get Your Attention'
The cover art for MATYA's single 'Get Your Attention'
MATYA Ignites the Alt-Punk Scene with 'Get Your Attention': A Raw Anthem for the Disconnected

Los Angeles-based artist MATYA electrifies the music scene with her latest release titled "Get Your Attention". This release is a daring one. The piece merges the raw energy of alternative rock with the rebellious spirit of punk. - This track is a sonic slap in the face (the artists' words not mine).

Reminiscent of the artistic offspring of Bloc Party and Nina Hagen, "Get Your Attention" acts as a powerful shout-out to everyone who finds themselves navigating the sense of disconnection found in today's fast-paced, autopilot world.

Standing out from the opening notes, "Get Your Attention" does just that with its super catchy bassline - it lures you in, it makes you feel somewhere in between dangerous and sexy. It's haunting but it's sultry, an overload to the senses in the best way possible. As the vocals come into the composition it becomes all-consuming. There's no escape, you're hooked. There are songs that match your current energy and there are songs that change it for the better - "Get Your Attention" grabs you full force and makes you want to rebel, and have some fun. Its energy is nothing less than contagious and satisfying.

Through "Get Your Attention," MATYA taps into the collective yearning for connection and authenticity in an era dominated by digital interaction. The song is a rallying cry for individuality and the courage to stand apart from the crowd. The creation of "Get Your Attention" saw MATYA collaborating with an illustrious production team, including John Velasquez, Dan Bailey, Gabriel Cheurfa, and Pierre Duval, with mastering by Mike Marsh. As a result, this collaboration offers a sound that's reflective of MATYA's diverse range of influences.

This week's first One2Watch goes to MATYA!

Recorded at Catmilk Studios, the forthcoming EP promises to expand on the themes introduced in "Get Your Attention," offering a deeper look into MATYA's vision and voice. With a blend of raw energy and nuanced storytelling, MATYA is poised to leave a significant mark on the music industry.

As MATYA finalizes her EP for its 2024 release, fans can expect more anthems that challenge conventions and celebrate the spirit of resistance. "Get Your Attention" is just the beginning of a journey that seeks to connect, inspire, and ignite.

Genres: Alternative Rock, Art Rock, Pop-Punk, Post-Punk, Indie Rock

Moods: Edgy, Rebellious, Energetic, Empowering

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