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Uplifting beats and meaningful lyrics, 'Get Up' blends Commercial Pop with Afrobeat rhythms, all while encouraging listeners to dance their way through life's challenges

Megaciph and Miss Primrose Electrify the Airwaves with 'Get Up' - A Rallying Cry for Resilience and Joy

Megaciph, in collaboration with the enchanting Miss Primrose, unleashes "Get Up," a vibrant single from their album FREAKWHENSEE. This track is a pulsating blend of Commercial Pop, Deep House, and Afrobeat, designed to invigorate the spirit and compel bodies to move. As the lead single, "Get Up" encapsulates the duo's mission to inspire resilience and joy through music.

Megaciph, a seasoned writer/rapper, and Miss Primrose, a gifted writer/vocalist, discovered their remarkable synergy at Makin It Studios in Atlanta, GA. Their creative bond, now nearly a year strong, has fostered a series of collaborations, with "Get Up" standing out as a testament to their combined talent and vision.

So, what can we expect from this collaboration? It's emotional, the dark opening lifts listeners into a false sense of darkness- things change, we've got afrobeat, rap, heavy energy. It's upbeat.. the darkness lies within the lyrics but they're also motivational. 'Get Up' urges listeners to be strong, not to let life get them down and go for what you want.

I love the way that the rap verses offer something upbeat and almost cheeky in execution, the vocals from Miss Primrose add an air of R&B pop to the production - the two together create something catchy. The words, they're worth an attentive listen. The guitar riffs in this one are also a standout feature. Overall, this is a banger.

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Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of artists, including Public Enemy, Lauryn Hill, and Bob Marley, Megaciph and Miss Primrose infuse "Get Up" with layers of rich, soulful melodies and potent, thought-provoking lyrics. This single is an ode to persistence, embodying the belief that through hard work and dedication, any obstacle can be surmounted.

As part of the FREAKWHENSEE album, "Get Up" paves the way for a series of monthly releases throughout 2024 and into 2025. Megaciph and Miss Primrose are set to captivate listeners with their innovative sound and message of empowerment, proving that great music not only entertains but also inspires and unites.

Genres: Commercial Pop, Deep House, House, Afrobeat, Contemporary Soul, Hip-Hop, Dance

Mood: Epic, Work Out, Commercial Vocal Dance, Rap, US Rap

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